I've stayed away from fandom so long I suspect few of you will remember me. *waves* Are you even still here? Did you move to Tumblr?

Of the embarrassing: Fanfic addiction is a thing. After my husband died and my daughter left home I went total immersion. I read fic around the clock when I wasn't at work. Once I stopped I started travelling, started focusing more on my art (ceramics), and started writing more. This is NOT a twelve-step "you, too, could live fanfic free" rant. Obviously, I love reading fic. Wish I could do so without losing control. Alas, I can't.

Of the good: As to travel, I've indulged my obsession with certain celebrities which means I now have a photo of Tom Hiddleston with his arm around me at stage door for Coriolanus, and I've seen Jude Law, David Tennant, Hugh Jackman, Indira Varma, and Benedict Cumberbatch perform live, though obviously not all in the same show. Loved the Batch Hamlet, btw.

I get to Europe at least once a year, and London now feels essential to my wellbeing. If I could afford to live in London I would, but who can afford the rents? Not me. Instead, I'll express gratitude I've reached a point in my life I can afford plane tickets and hotel rooms, and I don't need permission from anyone to leave the country as needed.

So why am I here? I'm desperate for a beta. I've written an original novel, and I'd like to send it to an agent. It needs a reader first, though. I'm too close to the manuscript to figure out what needs changing. It could also use a Britpic, if possible. I'll list some specifics below:

Genre: Fantasy
Mild slash, het
Fannish at all? Yes. Definite nod to The Scarlet Pimpernel, but later in the draft
Rating: R
Trigger warning for sexual assault
Motivation: A bnf once suggested we write what we most loved to read when we were teens. Challenge accepted. I loved fantasy and The Scarlet Pimpernel. Hello, mashup.

If none of you have time or interest, no worries; however, I'd appreciate a signal boost for the beta. Do you know a great, dedicated reader/editor to whom something like this project would appeal? Please ask them to email me at chainlghtnng@gmail.com.

(((hugs))) to you all. I'm sorry I've been away so long.
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Can't stand tumblr even though I have an account. :(

And so so jealous re: Hiddles & Tennant, they are the two that I've been wanting to see perform live for a while but can never get tickets. Gah!

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Which is why I tend to splash out and just get the good tickets. No point otherwise, and re: stage door, that's just rude. :/ I don't get people who get all entitled at stage door and getting rude with other fans or when being informed that the actor/actress isn't coming out tonight. They don't have to! Their job's done when the curtain comes down! You paid to see the show and anything else is bonus! Just... people.

Gah! So envious of your Hiddles encounter. I couldn't manage to get tickets for Coriolanus even though I was working literally around the corner from the theatre at that time and saw Mark Gatiss when I was doing my Xmas shopping one day after work around the arcade next to Donmar. The closest I ever got to Hiddles was accidentally seeing him coming out of the NT stage door while waiting for John Simm and Mark Gatiss. Someone else approached him and he said he wasn't doing pics/autographs and was clearly with friends/colleagues, so I didn't even approach him as I didn't want to intrude on his personal time and just took pictures in the distance like some stalkerish paparazzi...not sure if that's better or worse. :P
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Since he was talking to his friends, I'm hoping he hadn't noticed... LOL!


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