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-Cadaver dogs go to certain areas for the first time today. Maybe in Chambers County, but I'm not sure. The story only received a mention on the news, and they haven't come back to it.
-Chambers County received as much damage as Galveston County, but didn't receive FEMA aid until yesterday, despite FEMA's claim to the contrary.
-Many communities still without power.
-Residents not allowed to return to Galveston yet, but the mayor of Jamaica Beach - a town on the west end - lets his residents "look and leave" this morning. Big story because he does this "against the wishes of Galveston officials."

ETA: Just announced - Citizens of Galveston may return to the island beginning Wednesday at 6:00 a.m. The west end must look and leave, but the area behind the seawall may stay. Curfew from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. will be strictly enforced.

First detailed shots of the city being broadcast beside press conference on Channel 13. Closeups by helicopter. Why such a long wait for these images?

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Some towns remain unreachable because of partially washed out bridges and debris. Only relief crews get through since the roads can't handle heavy traffic.
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Honestly... I would guess news crews avoided the area so they wouldn't accidentally show dead bodies. The news has a policy of not discussing dead people's names in the U.S. until families have been contacted, and I suspect that extends to showing pictures of the dead. There have been a couple scattered pictures of Galveston online (beyond the seawall, there have been lots on Yahoo news from within the seawall) Aside from helicopters, there also probably hasn't been a good way to get in and out of the area either.

You can comb through pics tagged "Galveston" on Flickr posted since the 13th though.

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Thank you for the flickr pictures. These show me The Galveston County Daily News is up and running. I don't know how soon they came back, but it's unexpected. I wouldn't have known that a man drowned to death in the Sandpiper Motel if I hadn't just looked at The Daily News website.

You make a good point about the bodies. We hear rumors of them washing up onshore, but county officials say these aren't true.


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