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([personal profile] devin_chain Sep. 17th, 2008 06:20 pm)
-Electricity restored last night at 10:00. We lost it a little before 5:00 Saturday morning.
-Much of town still going without power. This includes the grocery store where I just bought cat food and chocolate in the dark. It had limited generator power, so the only light came from refrigerators and perimeter aisles.
-Every time I read the word "podfic," I remind myself it doesn't mean FEMA Point-of-Distribution fic. BUT, I'm so glad to catch up on reading my flist.
-Note to both local and national reporters: Bolivar Peninsula is not an island. See name.
-Mom left yesterday. At the first sign of frailty I will box her up with a packing slip to my sister in California. Please don't tell me I'm caring for this woman in old age. My daughter danced after she left. What kind of grandmother inspires that response in a grandchild?
-Missed my hairdryer. *clings* Never do that to me again. Husband to me this morning: "Go get a shower. Your hair is just..." *makes sour face* No worries about the criticism. You haven't seen his hurricane beard. Heh.

ETA: Dramady ftw for updating my lj. Thank you! :)
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