Hi, everyone. [livejournal.com profile] dramady here, posting for Devin, who is fine, but without power and internet until approximately October 1 at home. She may need a new roof too, but she and family are fine and the back deck has been cleared.

She won't be posting or reading, but wanted everyone to know she's okay.

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I'm back! Power tonight, despite scary report we wouldn't get it soon. Crews from across and out of state work long hours with little to no sleep. Still hearing reports we won't get power until October. I hope it stays on.

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So far, so good. Driving around the area, I see we're lucky. Lots of neighborhoods still don't have electricity.

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Good vibes got through. I have power! Not sure it will stay on, but I'll cross my fingers.

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We're all doing well, and the power came back tonight. News reports still say we won't have electricity until October, so I hope we get to keep it. So many services go up and down - cell phone coverage, for example. I go from no bars all day to a flood of texts and then no coverage again. Land lines up and down. But this is my first internet, so I'm jumping on it. :)

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thanks for letting us know!
hope she and her family continues to be fine!

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I have power! Don't know that this will last, but I'm appreciative.

We're all doing well. We're adaptable. :)
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Thank you! Is good to know she's okay.

*sends lots of good thoughts for her*

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Doing better than expected. Power came back tonight. No guarantee it will continue to work, but it's good to get news with images. We've had nothing but battery-operated radio for days.

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*hugs* Power has come back! Crossing our fingers it doesn't go away again. People in the area still need gas, water and food, but the barter system works in my neighborhood. We traded gas for an extension cord from a neighbor's generator. Got refrigeration back this way yesterday.

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That's so good to know. Thank you! Please do give her my love if you get the chance.

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Oh wow. Unexpected emotional burst reading your comment. *sniffles* Got power back tonight, but many services up and down, so I'm posting now in case I can't tomorrow.

Still pretty rough in the area, but I'm most concerned about Galveston. Government forced all remaining residents out because of no services at all - gas, water, power, sewer, food. So glad my grandmother didn't live to experience any of this. I road out a hurricane with her because she refused to leave home. It would traumatize her to be forced out. I've never felt glad she died until now. Strange to react this way.

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I have power! Utilities up and down, so no guarantee we'll still have it tomorrow, but we're here and well. So many people in the area have it so much worse. But the barter system works. :) We've made lots of good trades this week. For example, we traded gas for an extension cord from a neighbor's generator. We therefore plugged in our refrigerator yesterday.