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I propose a Ghost Hunters/Ghost Hunters International drinking game. Every time you hear the following, drink:

Did you see/hear that?
What was that?
What the hell was that?
What the fuck was that?
If there's somebody here, would you please give us a sign?

Variations -- Drink when:
They explain EVPs
Donna looks stupid in infrared shots
Jason and Grant have experiences when no one else does
Brian and/or Barry get excited about what they're certain is a ghost

If you watch the show(s), as I obviously do, add your own variations.

Bonus: Chocolate martinis awarded for slashing Jason and Grant.

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Brian H. says he's been touched, heard something, saw something even you know he didn't! Also, "dude."

"We're here to help." What? Do they ever really help?

This makes me smile so much. I love Grant, but I almost want to strangle him with the EVP blah, blah, blah - I could almost quote that in my sleep. I guess they thought it would be different if they started having Steve do it.

Chocolate martinis sound good, but what's the prize for Grant and Steve?

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Hee! Grant and Steve is its own reward.

Grant convinces Steve to fly to California. Of course Steve has a panic attack as soon as they're in the air, so in order to keep the air marshal from noticing, Grant sneaks Steve into the galley at the back of the plane while the flight attendants serve drinks. Grant calms Steve by pushing him against the bulkhead and dropping to his knees...

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but Steve's still a bit shaky, so Grant maintains eye contact as he runs his hands underneath Steve's shorts. There's plenty of room and Grant tells Steve just to focus on him as he palms Steve through his boxers, getting him hard while he slowly undoes the buttons with the other hand...

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Steve says, "Dude! What the hell?" but the indignant tone doesn't bother Grant. At least he's taken Steve's mind off the flight.

"Helping a buddy relax," he says, and then uses his teeth to move aside the fabric from the slit in Steve's boxers.

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"Yeah, okay," Steve says, still a little hesitant, but that doesn't stop him from reaching in and taking his cock out for Grant.

Grant's face doesn't change at all, size doesn't phase him and it's a nice looking cock, he thinks, one of the few places on Steve's body not tattooed, although he half-expected one of those silver barbells. But it's smooth and warm as Grant licks over the head. "You sure this is okay?" he asks, sliding it across his bottom lip.

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Steve nods, breath hitching at the same time, so Grant opens for more, but not too much yet. While he should definitely hurry, he can't make himself when he's getting a taste of what he's wanted for awhile now.

"You ever wonder," Steve asks as he curls one of those big hands around the back of Grant's head, "about those stories of ghosts fucking sleeping women?" Grant laughs around his mouthful.

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Only Steve would bring up ghosts when he's got his dick in another guy's mouth. Grant pulls back a little. "Yeah, remind me to tell you the story about my succubus," he says, then takes Steve deep for a couple of strokes.

Satisfied he's shut Steve up, for the moment anyway, he concentrates on the job at hand, moaning just a little at the way Steve fills his mouth. Pushing his hands up the backs of Steve's legs, Grant grabs his ass, nudging him forward. Steve's grip on him tightens just as little as he seems to get it and starts to move his hips.

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Grant feels Steve's other hand move up his neck to his face, and then he's stroking his cheek with a couple of fingers. Grant moves his head a little to the side, enough for the big cock in his mouth to slide away from the flat of his tongue and push against those fingers. Steve says, "Oh God. That's... " He thrusts, so Grant moves to feel the head bump his throat. "But seriously man," Steve pants, "a succubus? Are you for real?"

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What the frig? Grants decides it's time for some serious cocksucking and he's still got a few tricks left. He starts to use his hand, following his mouth up and twisting both right at the head, slipping his thumb in to circle the underside, up and back.

"Jesus, Grant," Steve grits, working his hand into a tight grip on Grant's shoulder. His breathing is heavier now and his hips start to jerk a little more, like he can't control them.

Jeez, Grant wants this to last but he knows he's got to hurry. Exhaling, he takes Steve deep again, as deep as he can, but this time he stays down on him, working him with his hand too.

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He's so into coordinating hand and mouth he misses the vibration of footsteps coming up the aisle until they pass the lavatory and it's too late. Grant and Steve freeze at the same time, Grants' nose deep in Steve's pubic hair.

He hears cabinets opening and shutting somewhere over his shoulder until, with one final slam and a male, "aha!" Grant turns his head and meets the wide-open eyes of a flight attendant clutching several small cans of V8 to his chest. He thinks, "We are so busted."

But - miracle! - the guy smirks, rolls his eyes, and walks back into the aisle, closing the privacy curtain behind him as he goes.

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Thankfully, Grant's not permanently spooked and Steve's only partially deflated. Grant starts to work over Steve again, hands on his hips pulling him forward.

Steve's hands cradle Grant's head now as he starts to rock into him, gently, and Grant can't hold back his moan because, damn, Steve's fucking his mouth and it's good - so good.

Steve's stuttering breaths let Grant know he's close. Soon enough this will be over. He reaches down and grabs his own dick, rubbing with his thumb and forefinger while Steve's still pushing into him.

"Grant, I'm--"

And Grant grips him tight, letting him know it's okay and as the first hot spurts hit the back of his throat, Grant's coming himself, pushing into his own hand.

When he comes out of the lavatory, Steve's already returned to his seat. Thank God his pants are dark and he can hide a little by pulling his shirttail out.

"Where you been?" Jason asks when he takes his seat.

"Eh, you know," he says, not really looking at Jason. "Steve was a little jumpy, just trying to get him to calm down."

"He okay?"

Grant smiles. "Yeah, I took care of it," he says smoothing his shirt down.

"Good job," Jason says and they bump fists before Jason goes back to his laptop and Grant looks out the window.

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*high fives*

That was so much fun! I haven't written fic in ages, and it's been years, I think, since I fic'd with anyone else.

Grant and Steve was SUCH a good idea. :) You get white chocolate martinis for that one.

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Thanks, it was fun - I hated to end it, but as I'm on the East Coast and have work tomorrow...

I would never know you'd hadn't written in a while (you should write more). You had me cracking up and I could just see Steve! I don't wander too far from my McShep, so this was definitely new for me, but loads of fun.

I will enjoy my chocolate martini and will never be able to watch Ghost Hunters in the same way again :)

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Sleep well, and thank you for helping me find my inner-Steve. *snicker*

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Think we could get online sometime, pull up one of the webisodes, and drink together? :)


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